The members of FCA believe that their products form an essential part of food contact material compatible safety solutions.
FCA promotes together with other members of the value chain the safe use of food contact materials.

The members of FCA share the common concept of the Sector Group:

  • To liaise, dialogue and cooperate with other industry associations and authorities concerned with the food contact issues
  • To develop, defend and advocate industry policy and positions in the regulatory field of additives for materials used in contact with food at the level of the EU, Council of Europe (CoE) and EU national governments
  • To prioritise and coordinate the activities of the various FCA Working Groups

Therefore, the main objectives of the Sector Group shall be the following:

  • To analyse the challenges confronting the industry and develop appropriate initiatives and positions where appropriate
  • To co-operate with the various parts of the value chain (including companies and other industry organisations) involved in the use of Food Contact Additives in order to communicate comprehensively and ensure the safe use of these additives.
  • To cooperate with national and supranational organisations, particularly with institutions of the EU, Council of Europe as well as other Industry Associations, consumer organisations and non-governmental organisations as well as national governments involved in corresponding issues.
  • To ensure the development of technical and scientific knowledge related to the safe use of these additives.
  • To act following Cefic Responsible Care requirements.